Ou Hasie side table

“Ou Hasie is a limited edition series by Abrie von Wielligh created with consummate craftsmanship to become heirloom collectables.”

“The name ‘Ou Haisie’ – Afrikaans for ‘Old Rabbit’ – was a term of endearment coined by the artist Abrie von Weilligh’s close friend who passed away too soon, with whom he had a very close relationship during his formative years.

Look closely and you will see – as a nod to this special bond, the artist has engraved a hare-like pro ö in the leg detail, working the animal’s features seamlessly into the wood.

Crafting timeless stories.”

Limited Edition to 25

Matières: ,

Ebonised Ash & copper

H 38 W 60 D 50 cm